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Find A Hōme Within with Saar Grolleman

Hi friends! I hope you find yourselves well during these times. I am excited to share that we'll be able to gather in the sudio again, and can't wait to see you in class to connect and unwind together.

As of mid-July, you're able to join me in the studio twice a week for:

Aroma Yin & Restore - Monday - 18:00-19:30

⁠This is your weekly mini-retreat to kick off your week centered + committed to your Self Care. We will take time to come into our breath, explore different meditation techniques, move through longer-held and supported postures, to find space and ease within our physical and emotional body.

Leave it on the Mat (10 week series) - Thursday - 18:00-19:30

Introducing a new weekly Embodiment class (notice I didn’t say Yoga), to support you in… Leaving it ALL on the Mat!

Unlike my other classes, this offering is a set series for a group of maximum 7 participants. It’ll guide you from mid-October through to the Holiday Season (and in case we all love it, we will pick it back up early 2021 – for goodness, with everything else feeling up in the air at least we can rely on each other… and our mats holding us up!)

In these weekly classes, you’ll be offered many new tools to slow down and release, to self-regulate and empty out after a full-on day, week, month, or well…2020!

Allow yourself to be seen and held, as you surrender to a container of intuitive explorations. The only thing that’s set is the dates, time, and us – as a group – exploring various modalities to….. “leave it on the mat”

Click here for registration + more details on the program.

Aroma Nidra & Circle - Thursday - 20:00-21:30
Consider this your weekly self-care and community connection session, a combination of a circle check-in, gentle movement to unwind and shake off any tension and drop into mindful awareness, followed by a sweet Yoga Nidra practice for optimal relaxation. Be welcome to bring your journal, as we may explore some journal exercises as part of this class from time to time.

There are 7 spots total available for each class, pre-registration is required. You can use the below booking tool to easily reserve your spot. Select spots are available through OneFit for Aroma Yin & Restore and Aroma Nidra, to support all who wish to attend.

Please arrive on time, 10 minutes prior to class starts is perfect. Doors will close on time!

Your Investment

10 Class Card  - €144 – (Valid for 4 months from the moment of purchase – This card can be used to join Aroma Yin & Restore and Aroma Nidra & Circle at Wake-Up Yoga, and you can also batch 3 classes to participate in a New Moon Sessions workshop).

or Book a single class for €16,50 first.

As part of the 10 Class Pass, you will also receive a collection of recorded Yoga Nidra practices to enjoy in-between classes, while away on holiday, or if you can't make it to class for different reasons.

In case the government decides to put stricter regulations in place again, the above classes will move online and you'll be able to enjoy them in that way. In case of another lock-down I will add additional online classes to cater to your needs and preferred day/time slots :)

Support & Be Supported
Your investment means YOU get to experience a sense of structure and calm in your days, and supports me as a self-employed yoga teacher with the financial safety + stability to show up as I know I am called to do during these times.
Please reach out if you want to join & finances are hard, as well in case you wish to pay extra to support someone experiencing (financial) difficulties. You're welcome to register to support me in having a livelihood even if you choose not to participate or wish to gift a spot to someone who can benefit (please let me know upfront, if this is the case!)

Register for your classes by using the booking system below:

About Saar

Hi, I'm Saar -  a Certified Nutritional Practitioner. Yin + Restorative Yoga Teacher. Essential Oil Educator. Intuitive Living Coach. Reiki and AromaTouch Practitioner.

I love sharing yogic + embodiment practices, essential oils, giggles and healing touch. When I asked myself what the world is in need of right now, community connection and a safe(r) space to gather & breathe was the first thing that came to mind. Please be welcome, I look forward to connect + share with you!

Find all updates on Instagram @saargrolleman

Connect with me via info@saargrolleman

or WhatsApp me in case you need support