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Find A Hōme Within with Saar Grolleman

*New* Thursday - Aroma Nidra - Consider this your weekly self-care session, a combination of a Sangha circle check-in, Yin Yoga to unwind and shake off any tension and drop into mindful awareness, followed by a sweet Yoga Nidra practice for optimal relaxation.

After a warm cup of herbal tea, some sweet aromatherapy and connection, tuck yourself in under a warm blanket as I guide you through stages of deep rest and relaxation during Yoga Nidra. Yoga Nidra is accessible to almost everyone, as the only requirement is to lie on the back for some time and follow the guidance with attention. The body remains still while awareness moves gradually on a journey of discovery through the physical body and to the more subtle dimensions of the breath and mind.

Monday - Aroma Restore Yoga is an all-levels class, in which we practice un-doing. The gentle physical postures invite mindful attention to bodily sensations as an entry point to healing and optimal health, allowing us to digest emotions properly. Through this practice, we remember an internal environment of support, relaxation, safety, equanimity, and resiliency as our original state.⁠⠀

⁠This is your weekly mini-retreat to kick off your week centered + committed to your Self Care! ⁠
We’ll make use of *as many props as we can* to get super comfortable. Each pose creates a restorative expression of rest and relaxation and teaches us to fully inhabit our bodies.⁠ You might notice this makes you feel somewhat uncomfortable for the first couple of classes, but you will get used to allowing yourself to surrender to the ground and let go of holding and grasping in your system. ⁠⠀

⁠And no, this will not be one of those yoga classes where we don’t say ‘Hi’ to each other or rush in and out, expect to build community here – if you’re open to that

Why do we use Essential Oils in this class?⁠
Aromatherapy is the quickest way to impact our emotions and energy-levels, and offers a wide range of benefits for our physical and emotional body. You’ll enjoy a direct experience with pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils, specifically selected to help you unwind and feel held. These will be passed around and applied throughout the practice to support relaxation, reduce muscle tension and invite stress-relief and offer immune support. ⁠⠀
Good to know: you are always able to opt-out in case an oil doesn’t resonate with you or if you’d like to experience the practice without aroma.⁠⠀

⁠This class is your invitation to sense what feels really good to you, practice advocating for yourself, and continue this practice once you leave your mat.

About Saar

Hi, I'm Saar -  a Certified Nutritional Practitioner. Yin + Restorative Yoga Teacher. Essential Oil Educator. Intuitive Living Coach. Reiki and AromaTouch Practitioner.

Find a Hōme Within was born through my own journey of overcoming depression, an eating disorder, body image issues, burnout and finding my way back to who I am.

I know that  all hide from our light, at times. We arrive Home, to then run away from it. We can’t do it alone, nor do we have to. I’m here, to help you get back to Self, step out of your own way, and bring forth your unique magic. I am fuelled by Connection + Community, and Inspired to journey alongside you as you {Find A Hōme Within}.

Location: Piet Heinstraat 98


Aroma Restore Yoga - every Monday from 18:00-19:30 (door opens at 17:45)

Aroma Nidra - Thursdays from 18:00-19:30 (doors open 17:45)


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Drop-in: 16.50 euro                                               Special: 2-for-1 ~ Bring a friend for free for their first class!

10 Class Package: 144 euro                                 (Valid for 5 months from moment of purchase) 

Get one class extra with your Class Pass purchase before January 31st.


One-a-week: Join the class of your choice each week - Restorative or Nidra. You also receive a monthly themed Essential Oil Roller to deepen your practice off of the mat + 10% off upcoming weekend workshops!

10 euro off your first month in January!          55 euro per month, 2 month minimum - 1 month cancellation notice.

Classes and packages can be paid for via Tikkie, Paypal or Cash.

Registration for class attendance is required due to limited spots available.

Email me to reserve your spot or send me a message on WhatsApp!

Good to know:

  • Class Packages are non-refundable and cannot be shared. No exceptions or extensions allowed.
  • No refunds or exchanges on all packages.
  • All purchases include VAT/BTW.
  • A one-month cancellation notice is in place for memberships. Make sure to cancel in time in case you wish to pause or stop using the membership, otherwise you will owe the fee for the following month.
  • Select spots will be available through OneFit for each class.