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Find A Hōme Within with Saar Grolleman

Hi friends! I hope you find yourselves to be well during these times. I miss seeing you all in class! To support you, especially now that we need regulation through connecten even more..

I am announcing:

Breathing Space

Daily Practices to Connect to more of who YOU are during a time of Collective Upheaval. Connect. Restore. Unwind. Breaaaathe.

One Flat Monthly Fee
Beat Overwhelm by removing decision fatigue. Take what works & Leave the Rest. All recordings are yours to keep.

Join in Live on Zoom
Sessions cater to different timezones and routines. We gather 4 times a week and recordings are sent out if you can't make it live.

Find Stillness
Receive a relaxing recording or other tool multiple times a week to enjoy by yourself, when feeling overwhelmed or in need of soothing.

What's included?
Live Connection Sessions via Zoom

(Much like my current Thursday classes, these sessions will be experiential and co-created.
Inspired by your requests, what I feel the collective is in need of + adjusted to your input

Weekly Schedule (Amsterdam Time):
Monday 19:00-20:30 - Ignite & Restore (Your restorative practice)
Wednesday 12:00-13:00 - The Nooner (Gentle Yin & Other Magic)
Thursday 19:30-20:45 - Nidra Chill (Circle Check-in + Yoga Nidra)
Saturday 10:00-11:00 - Unplug into the Weekend (Requests & Self-Care surprises)

Live Sessions may include:

  • Sharing what's alive & supporting us, by using prompts and conversation
  • Gentle Yin Yoga (using the wall and support you likely can find inside your home!)
  • Yoga Nidra
  • Guided Meditation + Breathwork
  • Essential Oil Support + Education
  • Journaling Exercises
  • Restorative Yoga (I hold space for & guide you in and out of the poses, so you can fully surrender into them)
  • Silly Dance Parties
  • Laughing Fits (it happens, a great way to release tension!)
  • Shaking and flowing it out
  • Self-Massage & Virtual Hugs

That's not all
On days we don't meet Live on Zoom, I will visit your inbox with special curated email updates.
These vary from meditation and Yoga Nidra recordings, soothing or invigorating playlists, funny videos,
prompts to get into inspired action, and other uplifting and supportive material.
As a gentle invitation to connect with your Self and brighten your day.

Your Investment
All of this + more is available to you at a flat fee of €55 for a full month*
& includes live participation + access to recordings thereof, which are yours to keep.

Support & Be Supported
Your investment means YOU get to experience a sense of structure and calm in your days, and supports me as a self-employed yoga teacher with the financial safety + stability to show up as I know I am called to do during these times.
Please reach out if you want to join & finances are hard, as well in case you wish to pay extra to support someone experiencing difficulties. You're very welcome to register to support me in having a livelihood even if you choose not to participate or wish to gift a spot to someone who can benefit <3 #SharingisCaring

After our month together is over (you can jump in at any time, Breathing Space has an open enrollment and doesn't turn anyone away) you will keep access to the library of recordings for your personal practice. As it's uncertain what the state of this situation is like by then, I will inform you of your options to continue to practice with me as the weeks progress. And please know, I am open to requests!


About Saar

Hi, I'm Saar -  a Certified Nutritional Practitioner. Yin + Restorative Yoga Teacher. Essential Oil Educator. Intuitive Living Coach. Reiki and AromaTouch Practitioner.

I love sharing yoga practices, essential oils, giggles and healing touch. When I asked myself what the world is in need of right now, community connection and a safe space to gather & breathe was the first thing that came to mind. Please be welcome, I look forward to connect + share with you!

Find all updates on Instagram @saargrolleman

Connect with me via info@saargrolleman

or WhatsApp me in case you need support

In Summary:

One flat monthly fee of 55 euro gives you acces to 4 live practices (+ their replays) each week, as well as audio recordings of meditations and yoga nidra, and other love notes, delivered to your inbox on days we don't meet.

Breathing Space can be paid for by Tikkie in case this is more convenient to you. You can email me or send me a message on WhatsApp in case of any questions or requests.