Wake up
Centrum voor yoga, meditatie en levenskunst

Yoga Nidra in English (Fridays at 18:00-19:30)


A space to fully rest after the working week. Surrender to your whole experience.

Yoga Nidra is an ancient practice of deep meditation. By practising Yoga Nidra, we can learn to access a state somewhere between ‘asleep’ and ‘awake’. As we take time to rest, we learn to be with our whole self – our whole experience – with a dreamlike quality, more spacious than our thinking mind. Rather than judging, choosing and refusing what we do and don’t like about ourselves and about life, we have the opportunity to be with ourselves in a new, more open, less judgmental way.
Adults of all ages and abilities welcome!

Learn more on: https://irenelahde.com/mind-body/

No yoga experience necessary as this is not a very physical class. If you have any health concerns, you can ask me further questions on WhatsApp: +31 629 250 864
PRICES: 12.50 euros if you book & pay in advance, 16.50 for drop-ins. 5 euros for students (7 euros for student drop-ins)

NO CLASS on October 7!


Email: info@irenelahde.com 

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