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Yoga Evita * Yoga for a happy and healthy YOU *

ROLL & FLOW (*new* starts 17 March 2020)  

Tuesday 20.00-21.30 
Wake Up Yoga, Piet Heinstraat 98

Reset your body with a blend of Myofascial Release and Flow Yoga: In our Roll & Flow class we use self-massage techniques to release tight muscles and rejuvenate deeper connective tissues in the body. Break free and loosen up those sticky spots - especially in the shoulders, hips and legs. You’ll feel immediate relief from minute one!

Enjoy freedom and fluidity in your movements as we flow through a gentle, embodied yoga practice. Working with touch and stimulating fascia will raise your inner-body awareness. Reboot your nervous system and sense yourself in a whole new way.

All Levels are welcome! This practice is a great way to support you in your everyday life - whether you are an active athlete or a busy office person. 

Soft massage and pilates balls will be provided, but you’re welcome to bring your own. 


Wednesday 9.15-10.45 
Wake Up Yoga, Piet Heinstraat 98

Smart yoga for sustainable health and well-being in YOUR body! 

Our Yoga Mobility Flow is the perfect breakfast for a fresh day: A dynamic and fun playground where we explore the body, mind and soul through delicious movement and breath. 

In this class we combine Functional and Natural Movements in a Flow, to build Mobility in the body: Wake up your spine and your nervous system, move your hips and shoulders and also the quieter parts of your body. 

All that will help you decrease pain and stiffness in the body so you can flow through your day and enjoy your everyday life!

Develop a Sustainable Movement Practice that will allow more freedom in your movement. A kind practice that honours your body in its natural shape and meets your needs for health and well-being in your own ecosystem.

All Levels are welcome, from beginners to experienced students, looking to refine their practice. The class is held in English, maar ik spreek ook goed Nederlands! 


Drop-In // 16,50 EUR 
10 classes // 144 EUR (valid for 5 months)

Classes are open, e-mail me or send a WhatsApp message to book your spot. 


Evamaria Kulovits is a certified Vinyasa, Yin and Kids yoga teacher with a passion for natural movement. Her aim is to empower people to find back home into their body and create more health and happiness in their everyday life. 



Evamaria Kulovits
+31 6 39 36 06 18
E-Mail: hola@yoga-evita.com 

Web: www.yoga-evita.com 

Instagram: @yogaevita

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/YogaEvitaCom/ 


Good to know:

  • Classes and packages can be paid for via Tikkie, bank transfer or cash.
  • Registration for class attendance is required due to limited spots available.
  • Class Packages are non-refundable and cannot be shared. No exceptions or extensions allowed.
  • No refunds or exchanges on all packages.
  • All purchases include VAT/BTW.
  • Selected spots will be available through OneFit for each class.