Met aandacht
bewegen, mediteren en ontspannen

About Yoga Nidra

Sometimes called NSDR ( Non-sleep deep rest), Yoga Nidra is a deeply healing meditative state that starts with relaxation. It uncovers intuitive awareness, puts us in touch with feelings of unconditional peace and joy, and gives us the experience and understanding of our true nature.

Benefits happen in stages. Some will happen right away while others will develop over time. Your physical, mental, and emotional well-being will improve during Yoga Nidra as your skills advance for handling stress. Your ability to calm restless thoughts and the capacity for clear thinking will grow. Decision making improves. Handling emotional distress becomes quicker and easier. What used to bother you starts fading away. Physical tension decreases, which balances the stress response (sympathetic nervous system) and the relaxation response (parasympathetic nervous system), resulting in better health. As tight muscles relax, function, flexibility, circulation, and joint health often improve. 

Brain wave states experienced during Yoga Nidra are also the brain wave states of sleeping, the reason why it is said that an hour of effective Yoga Nidra approximates four hours of typical sleep!